Barrie Tomlinson: The Content Strategy of Roy of the Rovers


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A crucial technological change in the printing process, allowing better pictures

The editing system he learnt and employed throughout his career

"I had no skills whatsoever". The advert I answered read: "Beginner wanted for children's comics""

Changing Tiger to an all-sports comic and increasing the features

The big picture policy

Getting the big-name celebrities involved

How The Duke of Edinburgh helped to launch Roy of the Rovers

Becoming a visible editor even signing his name under his copy

The importance of the feedback, sending in their two favourite stories

The Roy of the Rovers feedback phone-line and how it broke down

The importance of schools roadshows and get-togethers

Publicity 'stunts'

The change of tone with Roy of the Rovers, entering the off-field arena

The importance of the 'parent buy'

Trying to make Melchester your local team

The dual problem - rising television and long deadlines

The problems in football in the 1980s and how Roy Race handle them

The moral compass employed in deciding what story to cover

The shooting of Roy Race - a tale involving Sir Alf Ramsey, a 14-0 win and the noise of the crowd

Keeping the storylines fresh

Balancing up the art and the business of Roy of the Rovers

The end of Roy Race

The Scorer cartoon strip in the Mirror

The reputation of comics then and now

Would Roy Race work today? The graphic novel publication by Rebellion and the schools' involvement

Dan Dare, the Mekon and Big Daddy in the Waldorf Hotel

Will sports comics have their day again?

Barrie's legacy and how he would like to be remembered

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