TOW We Meet Emily, Chandler Achieves Phase 3, and Charlton Heston Helps Joey Clean Up His Act


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S04 E14 - TOW Joey’s Dirty Day

Signature Beverage: Phase 3 Daiquiri

00:06:42 - A little background on Charlton Heston…

00:07:42 - …and a little background on Soylent Green

00:10:57 - The evolution of Phoebe’s style from Bohemian hippie to funky-fun is complete!

00:16:52 - Rachel’s “There it is” — an internal monologue, or a creepy observation?

00:19:10 - Where is Shropshire, really?

00:23:30 - A little background on the Three Tenors

00:24:57 - Our respective experiences with saltine crackers (and other salt-laden foods)

00:32:25 - Heather is seriously disturbed by Joey’s lack of hygiene in this episode

00:36:50 - Emily’s meltdown - would you react the way she did, or would you try to make a better first impression?

00:41:23 - An update on the number of pairs of jeans we each have (we bet you can guess who has more!)

00:46:33 - We get our first Rachel “Noooooo!!”

00:52:53 - How we used to check our messages

00:55:24 - Charlton Heston vs. Kirk Douglas

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