Sexy Mishaps + Chris Pratt, Animaniacs, Shonda Rhimes, Beyonce, Christmas Chronicles, Snyder Cut, Wonder Woman


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Our listeners share their sexy mishaps; when their most personal items were discovered by another! + UPFRONT: Someone set a vote box on fire. You don’t have to vote on every line item. CELEBRITY SHADE: Chris Pratt dragged on Twitter after “one had to go” and the Avengers assembled to his defense. Meanwhile Bree Larson has been getting targeted harassment for years and the Avengers are silent. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in Christmas Chronicles 2. Animaniacs returns. Shonda Rhimes tea. Beyoncé Ivy Park collection pt2. Free Bill Cosby?!? NERD NEWS: 4G Tower on the moon. DC Future State. Willow the series. Jered Leto Snyder Cut. Patty Jenkins is hopeful for Wonder Woman 1984 release. ^^^ GET EXCLUSIVE CONTENT AND SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON! ^^^ Connect with us on social: @RichyAndWes | Twitter | Insta | Follow us on Facebook *** Product Codes: Use code WES25 at | Use Code RichyAndWes to get a dollar off and free shipping on the Skin Slipper product applicator - a safer, smarter skin care device | boiPKG - Use code RICHWEST35 for 35 percent off | PookiePots Use code RICHYANDWES for 15 percent off ***

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