QUICK HITS #14~JFK Assassination Research With Rob Clark & Doug Campbell: October 24, 2020


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IN THIS EPISODE~ Yes, the wait for a new ep was over two months long, but Rob & Doug MORE than make it up to you with just shy of 3 HOURS of Assassination Research-related conversation! Topics covered include: The life & works of the late, great Vincent Salandria; CE399 ("The Magic Bullet"); The "smoking gun" testimony to the House Select Committee On Assassinations of an FBI ballistics expert Robert Frazier, and a curious & incriminating letter found among the possessions of Dallas Policeman Gerald Hill. PLUS~ Rob reads what may have been the single most interesting interview that Mark Lane ever conducted, some folks get their drawers in a wad over Fletcher Prouty, and: Will the real Bobby Hargis please stand up? JOIN US! ~Written & Hosted by Rob Clark & Doug Campbell ~Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson

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