#52 Bryan Boorstein - Practical Programming Strategies for Hypertrophy Training


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In this episode of The Muscle Memoirs Podcast, I am joined by Bryan Boorstein. Bryan holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Sports Management. He's also a highly accomplished CrossFit Games coach and athlete. In our conversation, we cover a variety of listener questions related to program design for hypertrophy training.
2:30 Designing a specialization phase for lagging glutes and hamstrings
7:00 Is it useful to increase training volume and frequency if it has to come from low fatiguing movements that are suboptimal for muscle hypertrophy?
12:35 How to determine maximal adaptive volume or the optimal number of hard sets per week
22:10 Using subjective markers to determine training volume: the pump and soreness
31:55 Why is it important to keep exercise selection consistent? When is it a good idea to change an exercise?
40:45 Linear periodization for advanced physique athletes
45:30 Potential downsides of using too flexible of an approach
48:00 How does exercise execution differ depending on whether you're training for hypertrophy or strength?
55:20 Mind-muscle connection
01:03:15 Potential issues with the logbook
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For more information on Bryan:
Website: https://evolvedtrainingsystems.com/blog/
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