Episode 89. Die Partisan: The Dead Zone (1983)


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SURPRISE! We’re back with a bonus episode to help you get through Election Day and the ensuing aftermath by talking about David Cronenberg’s The Dead Zone. In this episode, we delve into notions of fate, time travel paradoxes, cults of personality, the responsibility of the individual, and the importance of a good wool coat.
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The Dead Zone. Dir. David Cronenberg, 1983.


The Witches Are Coming. Lindy West’s essay collection written in response to the rise of Trump.
David Cronenberg, Debra Hill and Martin Sheen interviews. Interviews from the release of the film complete with great fashion and chain smoking.
The Philosophical Problem of Killing Baby Hitler, Explained. Vox’s explanation of the grandfather/Hitler paradox.
A Cult of Personality Can Derail Democracy. Why it’s important to recognize the danger of the track we’re on.


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