Honoring The Story When Directing With David Tripler


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There are just not enough acting roles in Hollywood. For this reason, some take the road towards becoming a director. However, directing is not an easy feat either. Today’s guest has shown that with passion, perseverance, and drive, you can fulfill your dreams in abundance. Dani Behr and Tara Joseph sit down with successful young director, David Tripler, to talk about the path he’s taken over the past eight years towards becoming who he is now. A second-generation Mexican-American storyteller, David is also keen on creating opportunities in the Hispanic marketplace for actors and performers. He discusses his successful short film called Fake Mexicans and his upcoming TV series bible for SOUTH OF SUNSET. Determined, ambitious, and with lots of talent, listen to Dani and Tara’s interview with David as he shares his favourite directors and films and the importance of honouring the story no matter what the project.

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