A Life-Defining Conversation With My Mother


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How often do we extend the effort to connect with our parents as the humans they truly are? Do we really know who they were before their parent roles and who they are beyond?

This episode is truly special: My mother, Tina Louise Thomas, and I have a deeply intimate and vulnerable conversation that we initially were hesitant to release. Although, we decided if it helps even just one person connect more deeply with their parents or child, it's worth it.

We talk about holding in emotions (and why my mother felt the need to hide her emotions during my upbringing), accepting aging and death, dealing with regrets, navigating forgiveness, moving forward after divorce and so much more.

This has been a beautiful moment in which we felt deeply connected to each other, and probably one of the most important moments of my life.

What we discuss:

[00:05:48]: - The legacy my mom wishes to leave to her children [00:07:00] - My challenging emotional openness [00:07:53] - Holding emotions and covering up suffering [00:10:53] - Feeling joy even when circumstances are difficult [00:12:37] - Letting thoughts flow [00:14:45] - Accepting the cycle of life [00:18:32] - Self-love, growth, and self-expression [00:21:26] - Fears around ageing and death [00:22:48] - Beauty vs. value and expectations [00:26:32] - Why my Mom stayed for years in the relationship with my father [00:27:45] - My Mom's upbringing regarding expression of emotions [00:33:51] - My mom feeling understood and loved by her children [00:34:46] - Feelings of not belonging [00:40:03] - Being worthy of love [00:48:53] - Knowing my mom as a person [00:55:35] - Regrets and forgiveness [00:59:25] - My father [01:00:46] - My Mom's spiritual experiences

My mother is a brilliant and very musician and artist, former Miss Pennsylvania and Miss America scholarship pageant national talent winner and runner-up.

This to her music here: https://soundcloud.com/tina_louise_thomas

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