098: The Therapist Empowering Telehealth Professionals to Handle Their Own Billing


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Kym Tolson’s natural sense of empathy led her to become a therapist, and she eventually opened a private practice of her own. However, issues with her billers led her to discover that she had over $12,000 in uncollected client and insurer payments, and her attempt to resolve the issue led to the termination of her contract and getting locked out of her own business. To make sure this never happened again, she learned everything she needed to know to effectively do her own billing.

Kym now teaches other telehealth professionals how to take insurance in their private practice and keep track of what’s going on in their own business. She helps them take control of what’s going on and operate businesses with honesty and integrity to best serve their patients.

Today, Kym joins the podcast to share how she solved a big problem and gave that knowledge to others, how the membership model has improved her own practice as a therapist, and how to find the courage to pull the trigger, launch, and get it done.

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