Oklahoma City Bombing


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On this episode we discuss one of the most devastating domestic terrorist attacks on American soil, The Oklahoma City Bombing; the story of which involved white supremacist militia, secret government agents, ex-military operatives, and of course the deaths of 168 people. On 19th April 1995 a truck exploded in front of the Alfred P Murrah Building and killed 168 people and injured almost 700 more. This huge explosion caused over $650 million damage and was apparently set up and set off by the now infamous Timothy McVeigh.
Arrested away from the scene for a dodgy license plate; McVeigh became the main culprit and was paraded through network news shows as a vicious anti-government militia member with ties to white supremacy organisations. These militia movements and incidents involving them in the 90s; including the like of Waco and Ruby Ridge, were becoming almost commonplace in the modern news media. McVeigh was an ex-military operative and apparently worked on some special operations in special forces units in his time there. This fact leads some people to believe that McVeigh was in fact framed for this bombing and that it was part of a manipulation plot by the US Government to control these militia movements.
Joining me on this episode are Eamonn O'Neill and Tom O'Mahony.
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