The Un-Billable Hour : Profit First: Helping Law Firm Owners Serve Their Clients Best


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Following the “Profit First” finance strategy created by Mike Michalowitcz, Triangle Smart Divorce founder Jenny Bradley has vastly improved her firm’s business operations. So much so that she’s looking for ways to share the strategy with clients.

Bradley tells host Christopher Anderson the steps she took to implement the plan, from finding the right bank to ensuring her bookkeeper was on board.

If she could turn back the clock to before she launched her firm, Bradley says she would do two things differently: read more business-oriented books and do a better job taming her calendar.

In addition to “Profit First,” Anderson and Bradley discuss Michalowitcz’s book, “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur,” and Michael Gerber’s book and business method, “The EMyth.”

Jenny Bradley is a family law attorney and owner of Triangle Smart Divorce in Cary, North Carolina.

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