Community & Homebase: The Other Side of Digital Nomadism with Christina Spörer


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Freedom Lifestyle Edition

After talking to quite a few people living their freedom in lockdown, today I’m having someone on who is currently NOT at home, but in Mexico, exploring the world:

I’m talking to Christina Spörer, a digital nomad and personal branding photographer from Germany. Christina has been traveling for almost six years by now and she gives us a glimpse into how digital nomadism evolved for her. How she perceives freedom after being on the road for so long and how she started living her passion professionally while working remotely.

And we dive into the “other” side of digital nomadism: the longing for community and a homebase. Sounds so not like freedom and nomadism? Stay tuned.

This is a mindful exploration of the dynamics of traveling and being a digital nomad. Enjoy!

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We talk about:

  • Christina’s own story
  • How her Freedom Lifestyle developed & how it looks like
  • The 3 development stages of her way of her digital nomadism
  • Traveling, working remotely and staying mentally healthy
  • How to divide work & travel
  • The magic of “slow” travel & staying in places for a longer period
  • Constant hustle & the danger of becoming burned out as digital nomad, freelancer or when having your own business
  • Core values & setting priorities to live better, happier and with more freedom
  • Tips on how to work and live in more alignment & be less stressed
  • Work-life-balance: Creating space and setting mental boundaries around your business
  • How to take that leap of faith and do what you love professionally
  • Learning from life experience
  • Creativity & the space you need to be creative
  • Tips on how to free up time & space
  • Redefining what’s important
  • Longing for deeper connections when traveling & finding community as digital nomad
  • Christina as a founder of community, co-working and co-living events around the world
  • The importance of community in times of Covid
  • Longing for a homebase: Tune in long-term nomads!
  • Why freedom and having a homebase are not mutually exclusive

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