E199 The Surgeon Sturgeon Named Spurgeon and Big Bert in the Million Acre Wood


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Always Christine, never the coroner... this week on episode 199 (wow, so close to 200!) we're still battling side effects of our new medications but are wholeheartedly embracing all the many and varied ways we could feel uncomfortable next! We've also got some big and mysterious stories to distract us this week as Em takes us on an epic Scottish adventure to Loch Ness. That's right, Em is covering the legend of Nessie (and their potential love interest with some Xiinön-level falsies)! Then Christine covers an unsolved mystery that will leave you contemplating chimneys, folded clothes and cabins in the woods in the story of missing Colorado teen Joshua Maddux, also known as the Boy in the Chimney.

And do you think Nessie could have been a vacuum cleaner this whole time? Either way, Em may have officially sent Christine over the edge and into the loch... and that's why we drink!

Check out the poem Em mentioned in their story that was written in Nessie's very own first language: bit.ly/nessiesong

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