Remote Podcast: Rebuilding the Economy with John Ruffolo & Dr. Chitra Anand


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Where is Canada in terms of re-opening? How will we survive the coming recession? How do we prepare and protect the businesses that will rebuild our economy? All these questions answered in our latest podcast. TribalScale CEO & Co-Founder Sheetal Jaitly is joined by John Ruffolo, Founder of OMERS Ventures and Co-Founder of the Canadian Innovation Council and Dr. Chitra Anand, author of The Green House Approach and Advisor to High Growth Tech Companies. It gets real fast. John doesn't hold back in telling Sheetal where Canada is in terms of the COVID-19 pandemic peak, the entire layout of the phased reopening of Ontario, and what businesses need to be protected to keep us in good shape for the inevitable recession on the horizon. Chitra outlines the mindset needed and the action to take to rebuild and transform the economy through innovation and "adaptation theory".

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