FAST PEEK LAST WEEK - Hoodie Org (100 Thieves) 13-0s Serious Esports Team Envy


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It's a great time to be a 100 Thieves fan. The past week's Valorant action for the JBL Quantum Cup was all an exhibition, right? I mean the outcomes didn't matter because the teams weren't trying, right? The 13-0 of wannabe hoodie org Envy doesn't REALLY matter, right? Jordan and Cole come together to enjoy what has been a great finale for the Valorant year and assure all 100T fans that yes, this is the team to beat in NA. They also look back at the five critical points of the year and what that means for the team moving forward.

Join us as we Fast Peek Last Week!

TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 00:57 - Fast Peek 1: The JBL Quantum Cup ain’t no First Strike 03:31 - Fast Peek 2: #1 Hoodie Org NA - 13-0 of Envy 06:12 - Fast Peek 3: Sentinels take the semis in 3 09:02 - Fast Peek 4: Do we have a rival now? 12:20 - 2020 in 5 - 1: 100T enter Valorant w/ Hiko 15:10 - 2: Former Highgrounds roster is released 17:12 - 3: 100T 2.0 is formed 20:28 - 4: First Strike Champions 22:39 - 5: Ending the year with a meh (the Quantum Cup, not our year) 25:57 - Incendiary take from BurntCooter: If you’re picking nits, is Dicey the focal point for improving a championship team?
32:14 - Outro: 2020, everyone needs a dub.

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