#163: The Smarter Way To Progress Your Swimming with Sam Fenton - Part 1


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Sam Fenton is the High-Performance Manager of Control High Performance, he has been involved with sports for close to 20 years now and is in charge of Strength and Conditioning/ Performance programs.

Sam will be joining us for a three-part podcast, for the next episodes, Sam and I will be talking about:

Part 2:Transforming Your Feet Into Propellors (Even If Your Ankles Are STIFF!)

Part 3:Deep Core vs 6-Pack Abs - Developing What Really Matters In Swimming

Watch out for the next episodes!!

05:42 Looking Into High-Performance Approach 06:12 High-Performance Approach and Physical Literacy Approach Together 07:12 High-Performance Approach - Wholesome Approach 12:21 Does Elite Swimmers Suffer As A Result Of Taking Softer Approach? 15:53 Being Smart About Your Rest 16:52 Incremental Improvements 19:01 For Coaches Transitioning to High-Performance Approach 22:55 Thinking Brain v.s Feeling Brain 24:15 Going Into The Zone 26::34 What Happens If You Are Training Tired? 27:02 Pre-Training Routine 28:36 Load Management 32:25 Follow The 10% Rule 33:47 Strength and Conditioning - Balance Your Body Out ===

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