Ep 339: Suck It 2020: This one's for Vic Henley


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Last episode of 2020 is dedicated to my dear friend Vic Henley. Gone way too soon. In this episode we look back at just some of the great content Vic gave the podcast this year even though he was only with us 3 months in 2020. Bits came from Ep 193 Ep 197 Ep 198 Ep 208 Highly recommend you go and listen to all thiose episodes cause I left out a lot. Happy New Year to you and thanks for helping me keep this podcast going. I was pretty much done with all this after Carl and Vic left us. We have a good group of people that I absolutely leaned on this year and I thank you for that. Have a great New Year and remember you choose what to focus on and with that said I had a great 2020. Peace.

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