Make Quality Time to Think About Setting Better Podcasting Goals After 100+ Episodes - On-Air Podcast Coaching with Penny Zenker, host of Take Back Time


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Reaching the 100-episode mark is such a feat in podcasting. Together with that happiness for achieving this milestone, however, is that burden that comes from thinking about what is next, how do we switch up our show, what outcomes should we aim for next. Sitting down opposite Tracy Hazzard in this on-air podcast coaching is Penny Zenker, the host of Take Back Time, to talk about the importance of making quality time to think about setting better podcasting goals after producing more than a hundred episodes. They discuss some strategies for structuring the show that sends people back to your website, building a list and monetizing it, and creating raving fans who can bring others to you. Plus, Penny and Tracy then talk about the need to engage with listeners and become more purposeful when recording your podcast.

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