Episode 1: Robert J. Farrell


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In Fill the Gap's inaugural episode, hosts Tyler Wood and David Lundgren chat with guest Robert J. Farrell about his incredible career touching on diverse influences including Graham and Dodd, William Dunkak, and the myriad of talented analysts who joined his team at Merrill Lynch. Bob discusses the circuitous path that shaped his approach to markets, but also the environment that led to the formation of the Market Technicians Association (CMT Association) and his stewardship as the first President.

Digging deeper into the process and tools of Bob’s analysis, he discusses that despite how much markets have changed structurally in his 60+ years on the street, the discipline of technical analysis as it pertains to understanding the behavior of the market and the objectivity to take a contrarian view still leads to better investment decisions. Bob provides key insights on historical corollaries that have fallen apart, elements of market data that no longer provide the signal they once did, and the personal attributes that lead to a successful career in the investment business.

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