Sneaky Dragon Episode 475


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to the significant feeling Episode 475 of this podcast (aka Sneaky Dragon). Don’t ask me why I wrote that in such an awkward way, but I did and I don’t feel like pressing the delete key so there it is!

This week: the big figure; money poor, cash poor; a phone call away; secret snack shop; dusty chips; hard of herring; arsenic and Big Turk; bad detective; trick plots; hard-boiled vs. film noir; wallowing in other people’s miseries; the frisson of vicarious suffering; crowd surfing; age of wizards; Merlin vs. Simon; fluent in bleep bloop; canola substitute; the death of Caillou; disturbing dentistry; placating the angry 2%; feed your children well; good bad publicity; too many beans; weird comedy cred; self-cancelled; too silly; re-watch for the first time; uncurated; Dark Shadows update; fix The X-Files; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; deep-fried everything; name change; surprise twin; the one and only; we need to up our game; Sneaky Dragon-bots; the see-word; only connected; consciousness of death; too many Mikes; no to Dick; starting on a high; dueling guitars; and, finally, don’t tell our wives.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week: What TV show would you like to see re-made? Maybe to improve it or just for the pleasure of watching it anew.
Sub-question: What’s a favourite snack food that is no longer with us? (R.I.P.)

What the heck is Merlin you ask? Well, prepare to be impressed!

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