183 || Why You Need to Give Yourself Permission to Fail || Hannah Brencher


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Failure is where we grow and learn; it shapes our future decisions and is a reminder of the choices we want to make differently next time. Few people wish to experience failure but attempting to avoid it means missing out on essential opportunities for growth that only come from taking risks, getting it wrong, and picking yourself up to learn and try anew.

This week’s guest is Hannah Brencher, the author of a new book called Fighting Forward, offering hope-filled reminders to keep seeking light in the darkest places of our lives. This message was birthed out of Hannah’s battle with depression six years ago and the hope she ultimately found to move forward, bit by bit. Her prayer is that it will encourage you to show up, claim hope, and take back your life one small win at a time.

For as long as she can remember, Hannah’s dream has been to create and inspire. Although her work has been featured by well-known media outlets and she’s been recognized for the good she’s done in her community, she finds herself still battling her fears as new layers of her dream unfold.

Though she hoped she’d be over it by now, she’s made a conscious decision to not let the fear change how and where she shows up.

In this conversation Hannah offers practical suggestions for how you can get started on your dream a little bit at a time as well as reframing some of those fears that are so common when we begin new things.

This feels like perfect timing for the New Year, and I think you’re going to appreciate her insights on

  • How to create daily rhythms that will actually help you make time for your dream (plus a free resource to help with this),
  • The benefits of getting started on your dream just 15 minutes at a time, and
  • How failure is an essential aspect of the growth process.

If you’ve struggled to start, felt too afraid to move forward, or wondered what it looks like to partner with God in pursuit of a dream, this one is for you!

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