EP 3: The Power of the Smile (ft. Dr. Michael Apa)


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In this episode I speak with Dr. Michael Apa, celebrity cosmetic dentist. We discuss his broadening influence on international cosmetic dentistry and how he lives his life personally and professionally for optimum performance.
At the end we answer some rapid fire questions asked by our Instagram audience.

With offices in New York, Dubai, and Los Angeles, and a line of luxury oral care cosmetics, Dr. Apa is fulfilling his vision to bring the very best in aesthetic dentistry to a global clientele.

His work has created a counterculture in aesthetic dentistry that draws the highest echelon of talent from around the globe to join his team. In 2014, he founded Apa Beauty, a groundbreaking line of luxury oral care cosmetics, engineered to raise the bar for daily at-home care.

Leading with his passion for aesthetics and demanding the best at every turn for his patients, his innovative methods have transformed what is possible in aesthetics and successfully ushered dentistry into the luxury market. To learn more visit, https://www.apaaesthetic.com/.
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