#46: Solutions For The Great Reset? | Is Vitamin D3 Toxic? | Optimizing Digestion | Testosterone


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00:00 - Start
00:39 - Solutions for The Great Reset? Food ideas, "bug out bag"
12:45 - mRNA vaccines as "operating systems" according to Moderna, mRNA vaccine side effects, spinning the narrative
23:09 - Credible news sources?
32:20 - One-to-one coaching, idealabs update, tocovit vitamin E winner
39:58 - Vitamin D and cancer, PTH increases 1,25-D and cholecalciferol lowers it, Warburg effect, supplemental vitamin D is not risky or toxic
51:24 - Oral testosterone with vitamin E for NAFLD
59:33 - Question: avoiding PUFA in Asia, drugs to reduce harm
01:05:52 - Question: recovering from statin use
01:11:49 - Androgens promote immunity
01:19:52 - Question: optimizing digestion, salt, thyroid, antibiotics, gelatin, charcoal
01:27:13 - Lisuride, serotonin, immunity
01:34:30 - Question: high prolactin, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, but doesn't tolerate thyroid well

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