President trump leaves office in disgrace, nation divided; Day one: Biden to sign roughly 12 executive orders; Experts fear the Capitol attack may be just the beginning of a surge of violence from right-wing extremists; US nears grim milestone of 400,000


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Sources: Trump expected to issue around 100 pardons; Trump planning major send-off as he snubs Biden inauguration; National Guard members in DC vetted amid fears of insider attack; Newly obtained video shows insurrection inside U.S. Capitol; FBI investigating tip that rioter stole laptop from Pelosi’s office, possibly planned to sell it to Russia; Sources; no background checks needed for inaugural guests of members of congress; Insurrectionists say they were following Trump’s call to action;

Biden begins inauguration week as volunteer at Philly food bank for MLK day of service; Biden to roll back Trump-era policies on first day; will rejoin Paris climate accord, reverse travel ban; Biden’s’ executive orders on pandemic on day one: extend eviction ban, pause student loan payments, mandate masks; Biden begins inauguration week with no cabinet members in place; Garth Brooks: my performance at Biden inauguration is show of unity; Incoming Biden chief of staff: we are inheriting “a huge mess”;

Experts: “social media to extremism is like oxygen for fire”; Experts express concern about growing number of potentially violent extremists; CNN poll: only 19% of republicans think Biden win is legitimate; GA Lt. Gov. demotes republicans who backed Trump’s election lies;

Less than 0.5% if Americans have gotten vaccine; Incoming CDC chief predicts 500,000 U.S. deaths by mid-February; 60% of all confirmed U.S> COVID cases have been since election day; Biden to take office exactly one year after first U.S> COVID case was confirmed;

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