81: Make an Unbelievable Amount of Money With Jennifer Spivak


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This month we’re focusing on money – how it can flow to you with ease when you align within yourself and then with the right people, places, and things.

We’ve all gone back and forth on the whole Facebook Ad spend, right? 20 bucks here, 40 bucks there, only to get a few hits on your website and hours tracking people down, begging them to work with you.

Struggle no longer - today you’re going to learn how you can make an unbelievable amount of money with less work with the Facebook Ads Girl herself, Jennifer Spivak.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why we need to put more money in the hands of more women.
  • The trap of believing we have to work ourselves to death as entrepreneurs in order to succeed. #hustlementality
  • How to untrain the hustle mentality mindset.
  • The importance of getting rid of the ‘have tos’ and ‘shoulds’.
  • Helpful tips for entrepreneurs on winding down.
  • What are Facebook Ads and some common misconceptions about the platform?
  • Budgeting guidelines for Facebook Ads.
  • Why having business boundaries is so important in attracting the level of clients you want to work with.
  • The law of attraction and the practice of embodiment in achieving income goals.

Jennifer is the CEO and Founder of #TEAMSPIVAK, a high-vibe Facebook Ads squad. She has helped hundreds of businesses generate millions (yes millions!) of dollars on Facebook & Instagram, with many seeing as much as 1000%+ return on their ad campaigns.

Her all-female team enjoys crunching data, helping women-owned businesses make tons of money, and smashing the patriarchy.

Jennifer has been featured in Forbes, listed as a Top Facebook Ads Manager to Watch in 2019, and is an adjunct professor of digital marketing at The City College of New York.

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