Alan Christianson: The Simplest Way To Reverse Thyroid Disease


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What is thyroid disease, exactly? What causes it? Can we even reverse thyroid disease? If so, how can we do that?

In this episode of the Align Podcast, I have a conversation with Alan Christianson, where we discuss how the foods we choose to fuel our body can actually help reverse thyroid disease and how a healthy thyroid contributes to our immune system, our mental health, and our physical health. We then break down what is iodine, what are the optimal levels for human consumption, and what are the best resources we can refer to in order to ensure we are intaking the proper and recommended amount.

We also pick Alan’s brain about emotions and how they can impact our overall wellbeing, his own personal practices of meditation and journaling, and we even touch upon epistemology!

Alan Christianson is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) who specializes in natural

endocrinology with a focus on thyroid disorders. He is the author of The Metabolism Reset Diet

and the New York Times bestselling book The Adrenal Reset Diet. He has been named a Top Doctor in Phoenix Magazine and has appeared on national TV shows and in numerous print media.


Instagram: @dralanchristianson


What we discuss:

[00:02:46] Christianson's new book on thyroid disease research

[00:04:26] The value in making our own food

[00:06:54] What is Iodine?

[00:09:47] The repercussions of iodine deficiency and excess

[00:11:52] What are the optimal levels of iodine?

[00:13:12] What causes thyroid disease?

[00:15:59] Can thoughts and feelings affect the functioning of the thyroid?

[00:18:45] What is the thyroid and how does it work?

[00:20:10] How emotional states contribute to your physical health issues

[00:22:50] Do we have free will?

[00:26:01] Alan’s biggest challenges

[00:32:09] How do we know we know?

[00:36:30] A guide to mediation and journaling practices

[00:38:37] Alan’s thoughts on God

[00:40:19] What are signs of an underlying thyroid issue?

[00:41:26] Can all diseases be reversed and what be the root cause for it?

[00:43:10] How does toxic fat develop?

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