News from Reporting Accounts on Saturday 23rd January 2021


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In today's podcast Adrian Lawrence our in house financial expert talks about Covid news and how the new mutant variant of Covid is not only more infectious but potentially has a higher mortality rate. There is also news about the South African version of the virus which appears to be more resistant to the current vaccination versions, new versions are already being developed to combat this development.
Adrian talks about how the market has reacted to this news, and that markets being forward looking always attempt to price in the impact of any news that will impact on earnings. Clearly if retail, travel and leisure businesses are forced to remain closed for longer, or the summer holiday season is dispruted again, the this will have implications for future earnings and short term the price of stocks and shares.
The London stock market was weighted down by this news, but in the longer term pandemics pass and normality will return, it is just a question of when and to what extent the economy is damaged by this.
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