Dr. Kien Vuu - 7 Key Lessons From 5,000 Surgeries To THRIVE In Your Sex, Business, Health & Life!


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Enjoy this POWERFUL interview with Dr. Kien Vuu who has performed over 5,000 surgeries within his 15 years of medical experience! In this episode, Dr. Vuu takes us down his humble origins migrating into America as an infant on a refugee boat for 8 months, almost dying of dysentery, and surviving an additional 3 months in a Phillipine refugee camp with his parents and no money. "Overcoming poverty and racism, he became a "successful" physician. However, at the pinnacle of his "success", he became overweight and developed hypertension, diabetes, and was on several prescription medications. There was a life-changing moment when one of his patients reminded him of the gift of life and the power of choice which put him on the path of healing himself." Dr. Kien Vuu is a concierge performance and longevity physician specializing in human optimization, and regenerative medicine whose mission is to elevate the health of the world and assist in eliminating chronic diseases through media, television and social media.

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