Creating Something From Nothing with Doug Branson, a 6/4


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In this episode, Nikki and Doug (BWP's incredible producer) go behind the scenes of the Bridge Work Podcast. They talk about Doug's life as a Manifesting Generator, finding stride in his genius as a 2 line, and the creative process.


Podcaster, Producer, Entrepreneur

Doug is the founder of Pod About It Productions a national podcast production and consulting company based in Nashville, TN. He serves as the Director of Production for the Locked On Podcast Network, which hosts over 175 podcasts across the United States and Canada. Doug has seen the power that podcasting has to spread someone's message and change someone's business...because it changed his.

A Note From Nikki...

If this is your first episode, welcome to The Bridge Work Podcast. My name is Nikki Brafman and I joyfully create abundant miracles, helping people to manifest the life of their dreams through Human Design. On this podcast, we talk to incredible people about where they've been, and where they want to go. We weave their unique Human Design into their stories of metamorphosis to inspire you to begin your own bridge work. Thank you for listening and being a part of this journey. If this podcast has provided value for you, please tell a friend.

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