TRP 0039 How To Stop Selling And Create Deep Trust with Ari Galper


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Ari Galper is the world's most sought after trust-based selling authority and has been featured in CEO Magazine, SkyNews, Forbes, INC Magazine and the Australian Financial Review. As trust rises to the top of business leaders' agendas, Ari's mission is to share his unique approach to creating deep trust in how people sell, so the dreaded act of "chasing" and the painful experience of rejection is eliminated forever - a feat never thought possible, until now.

In his best selling book, "Unlock The Sales Game", he describes his revolutionary sales approach based on getting to the truth and why focusing on creating deep trust is 10 times more profitable than chasing elusive buyers. It is specifically for business owners, consultants and sales professionals, who struggle with converting potential clients into paid clients. Many focus on growing their networks, having more conversations ("numbers game"), but converting them into paying clients, remains an elusive mystery. The Unlock The Sales Game premise, is based on humanizing the sales process, in such an elegant and natural way, that the truth quickly emerges between buyer and seller, so the painful and arduous "chasing" process no longer has to happen to make a sale.

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