Forgiveness, is the fragrance...


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As it is with life itself, one never knows what will come up during the moments of contemplating and making notes to self. Recently, I've found myself having to consider forgiveness and how it shows up and presents in my life experience. In my younger years, I had a wise friend who when approached by anyone with a personal dilemma, would always begin by saying : 'Forgive yourself first', and then deal with the situation at hand. I always marvelled at this first step to dealing with any problematic issue- the necessity to forgive oneself first. Some of us have great difficulty forgiving ourselves when we feel we 'zigged when we should have zagged'. It may even feel like the most noble thing is to be hard on oneself. This of-course is not so, not forgiving is never a good way forward, I've learned this along the way on my journey. In this I And AM, episode, I share my view on forgiveness and inter connectedness as well as letting go. May it find resonance.

Peace and Blessings.

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