Using Brain Rewiring to Grow Your Business


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In this episode Chelsea explains how she and her clients use brain rewiring to help grow their businesses. Think of everything that you feel frustrated by in your business right now that you just wish you could get past…

  • Worrying about money/getting your next clients
  • Jealousy of other coaches/those in your industry
  • Undercharging for services/doing things for free
  • Being hard on yourself when things aren't going the best

Chelsea uses brain rewiring for four main reasons in her business:

become a master manifestor - and how she doubled her revenue goal for 2020
work w/ dream clients - no more nightmare clients!
overcome impostor syndrome - being able to show up fully + powerfully
have more free time - that's what being a business owner is all about... the freedom!
She also walks you through the specific components of the brain rewiring rounds. This episode is JUICY!!

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