Offset Your Carbon Footprint w/Landon Brand from Project Wren


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Landon Brand is the co-founder of Project Wren - a startup which makes it easy for anybody to offset their carbon emissions, essentially negating their individual footprint. They have a simple and intuitive way of calculating your individual emissions based on the flights you take, the miles you drive, the food you consume or the way you heat your home. After that you can take a subscription that offsets these costs & contribute to projects which help with carbon removal or offsetting.

It was super interesting to see how Landon chose Wren as his first entrepreneurial project after college, sparked by the 2018 IPCC 1.5C warming report. We dove in detail on how Wren works, how they calculate individual emissions, what their business model is and why they are becoming a Public Benefit Corporation.

We also discussed what KPIs they use to measure their stated public benefit, debated carbon offsets vs carbon removal, covered how they work with businesses to help offset employees' emissions and we spoke about his vision for Wren's future down the line.

There are a lot of startups trying to educate consumers on how they can offset their emissions and fund projects which are helping us take carbon out of the atmosphere. That is what makes Project Wren extremely important and worth a close look.


2:54 - Landon’s Background & How He Became Aware Of Climate Change
6:37 - The Turning Point In Realising He Wants To Get Involved In Fighting It
8:59 - How Project Wren Works & How They Calculate Individual Emissions
14:05 - Project Wren’s Business Model
17:00 - Becoming a Public Benefit Corporation & What KPIs They Measure For That
20:09 - What Types Of Projects Does Wren Fund For Carbon Offsetting & Removal
25:05 - How They Work With Businesses
29:42 - Their Targets For This Year & Their Vision For The Future
31:22 - Can We Keep Warming Below 2C?
33:47 - Science vs Business vs Politics vs Society


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