Improving Energy Infrastructure & Transmission For Better Renewables Adoption w/ Joshua Rhodes


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Joshua Rhodes (Ph.D.) is a Senior Energy Analyst at Vibrant Clean Energy and Research Fellow in the Webber Energy Group. His current research revolves around smart grids, energy efficiency, resource planning and distributed generation & storage. He is also interested in policy that can help us implement clean energy as fast as possible, particularly policies that utilise market forces to increase efficiencies.

Joshua also consults on a broad range of energy topics and he sits on vetting committees for companies looking to enter technology incubators in Austin, Texas.

We discussed in depth the main issues behind using renewables to a larger extent - mainly the infrastructure capabilities that need to be developed to transmit the energy from various points across regions. We also covered smart grids, how demand & supply interact when it comes to energy grids and how battery technology is evolving.

Finally, Joshua also shared technology innovations that he finds interesting in the climate change space along with his take on the Politics vs Business vs Science vs Society question.


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2:47: Joshua’s Background. Studying Energy & Researching SmartGrids

10:18: What Are the Main Challenges Of Energy Transmission For Renewables?

15:31: What Policy Measures Can Be Implemented To Encourage Green Energy?

19:23: Do Companies See Profit Opportunities in Clean Energy?

24:02: The Key Factors Behind Making Batteries Cheap

26:59: Interesting Climate-Focused Companies He's Encountered

35:10: Science vs Politics vs Businesses vs Society

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