Technology in the Supply Chain with Kairav Modi


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My guest in this podcast is Kairav Modi.
In this episode we discuss the importance of technology in the supply chain and how it has become an enabler. Further to this we go on to talk about supply chain and its impact on sustainability. Also discussed is the topic of Digital Twins and its effect on organisations.
What is a digital twin?
It is a virtual supply chain replica that consists of hundreds of assets, warehouses, logistics and inventory positions. It simulates the functionalities of a real supply chain.
Kairav talks about the practical use of Digital Twins at Siemens.
Rebecca McCaffry Associate Technical Director — Management Accounting, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, has written a great article on Building Resilient Supply Chains which includes resources and tool kits that can be used to improve the agility of supply chain.
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