40: Redemption: The Rodney Cummings Story


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Rodney Cummings spent his childhood in and out of abusive orphanages and foster homes with intermittent stays with his financially struggling father and drug-addicted mother. Upon barely graduating high school, he found himself homeless on the streets of Anderson, IN. With no support system and no money, he helped commit a residential burglary which resulted in his arrest and conviction, just one month after his 18th birthday.
Today, after completing a successful career as a police officer, he is the elected Prosecuting Attorney of Madison, County, IN. The very county in which he was convicted of Burglary. Better yet, he not only won this elected position on his first campaign, he managed to beat the very prosecutor that tried and convicted him. This is a redemption story for the ages and Rodney is here to tell us exactly how it came to be.
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