Why strength training is so beneficial for women with Thomas Lilley


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I actually trained with Thomas twice a week for 12 months, and I enjoyed it so much! He’s such an expert when it comes to powerlifting. We also sold our NuStrength gym to Thomas and we were so happy it found a good home!!
One of the things I love about Thomas is he is so passionate about his craft and he has a methodology that just works. I saw so many improvements with my squat and deadlift technique while working with him.
In this podcast episode, we sat down and had a little chat about:
➡️Sustainable transformation and why getting stronger is part of that
➡️Why technique is so important
➡️Misconceptions about lifting weights (including the idea that it will make you ‘bulky’)
➡️Why it’s not easy to get ‘big’ or to ‘bulk’ up
➡️Why eating enough is so important for building muscle
➡️The greatness of the squat
➡️ And more!
Lifting is such an empowering feeling! I bloody love it. If you’re new to weightlifting or want to hear more about Thomas’s 15+ years of experience with powerlifting, then you'll love this podcast as much as I did.
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