The only way to train for a toned & athletic body with Damon Hayhow


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Ladies… this podcast will flip your views around training for fat loss.
SPOILER: Cardio is not the answer!!
In this podcast episode, Craig and I talk with Damon Hayhow, President of Recomp, Australian Ambassador to the ISSN, and powerlifting and bodybuilding champion. We discuss getting strong and how you can achieve a toned and athletic body WITHOUT CARDIO. And it is jam-packed with nuggets that you can take away and apply to your training regime.
We chat about:
➡️ Why cardio isn’t going to help you look like you want to look
➡️ How eating more food and not doing cardio leads to fat loss
➡️ The most important exercises you should be doing
➡️ What good technique/form really is
➡️ Why a low carb diet might be throwing a wrench in your training
➡️ Why being consistent is critical to your success
➡️ The two variables (the weights you lift and the food you eat) you should be measuring and why
And so much more!
Damon has heaps of knowledge and experience. It’s incredible, and you won’t want to miss this. You can also listen to this on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher and iHeart Radio. Just search The Winatlife Podcast and look for episode 18 ✨
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