Changing Your Brain to Reach Your Goals (with Frank Wedde, CEO, Memolife)


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Frank Wedde is a brain trainer, an author, a speaker and the CEO of Memolife, an accelerated learning platform that helps people master new skills, knowledge and habits at super speed.
This episode is jam packed with tips, tricks and stories of how we can all reduce stress and level up both our personal and professional lives.
And who doesn’t need that right now?
Many people think that the brain stops changing by the age of 25, but that’s actually not true. By just using brain training and going 4% out of our own comfort zone, we can be more creative and productive.
In this episode, we talk about:
  • How to become more creative and productive by calming the fight/ flight/ freeze brain mechanism
  • Why having fun creates magic in your brain (and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it)
  • Why being encouraged to fail leads to success
  • Why going 4% out of your comfort zone is the sweet spot for creativity and performance
  • How to calm hard criticism and defensiveness with “cozy” words
  • How to get in “flow” to turn off the inner critic and reduce stress

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