How Retailers can Get Started with Personalization - Debjani Deb of ZineOne


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Today's guest is Debjani Deb, CEO of ZineOne, an AI-based personalization firm in the Bay Area, who has raised over $15M and has worked with well-known retail brands such as Men's Warehouse. Debjani speaks to us this week about two topics. One, how she sees the retail world reeling and responding, the changes that are happening, and the perspective, boots on the ground, in the retail world post-Covid-19. Second, what is the scale of maturity of personalization, where can companies start, and how should they think about first projects for building recommendations and personalization into their experience. She lays out several potential use cases that companies should apply and rules of thumb for shifting and sorting through them. Are you interested in more use cases for AI in Retail? Download our AI in Retail cheat-sheet PDF guide at:

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