EP 7: Dancing Queens (ft. Megan Roup)


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You have all heard the song Dancing Queen by ABBA right? Well guess what? We have the dancing queen on episode 7 of The Pro-Aging Podcast, we have Megan Roup! Megan is the founder of the dance cardio program, The Sculpt Society, which she created after her own struggles to find a fitness method that would help her reach her goals and still be fun. Most importantly she embraces “The Pro-Aging Lifestyle.” She teaches people how to move, have fun, engage dancing, and how to live their best lives.

Now Megan is pregnant and her Sculpt Society Community is joining the ride. We discuss the myths of pregnancy and fitness, her journey, body and changes with pregnancy and the treatments we can do post-pregnancy to help our momma’s get their groove back!

To learn more about The Sculpt Society:

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