Tired Of Your Ego? The Lazy Person's Way To Perfect Practice - Introduction, by Josef Schinwald


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Excerpts from my book with the same title. Copyright © 2017 Josef Schinwald, MDiv
Introduction 9:41 Minutes
Have you Ever Wanted to Learn Meditation?

My name is JOSEF SCHINWALD and I can relate. In my early twenties, I traveled the world. I was usually accompanied by books like the Tao Te Ching, the Upanishads, or some new novel, i.e. Herman Hesse’s Prince Siddhartha.
I lived in India, Thailand, Korea, and Japan for many years because I was attracted to these cultures, their philosophies, religious practices, and customs.

Later on, in my early thirties, I got a master's degree in Oriental Philosophy, close to a little town called Rhinebeck, upstate New York, where I lived 5 years near the beautiful Hudson River with my family of 5.

Zen Buddhism was my new target of interest and, in particular, the Zen stories and Koans, while writing my thesis.
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