Using Azure Cross-region Load Balancer for high availability scenarios


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Irene Huang joins Scott Hanselman to show him Cross-region Load Balancer, which recently became available for Public Preview. Cross-region Load Balancer is a Public layer-4 network load balancer serving as a single point of contact for global traffic. It provides efficient routing by leveraging Microsoft's global backbone network and geo-proximity load balancing algorithm. You can build regional resilient application by setting up a Cross-region Load Balancer in front of regional deployments.

[0:00:00]– Introduction
[0:04:12]– Concepts
[0:06:31]– Demo: Config & deploy
[0:14:10]– Demo: Verifying normal behavior
[0:15:53]– Demo: Testing failover
[0:17:46]– Discussion and wrap-up

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