752 - 03/21/21 Bobby Blackwolf Show - PS5 PSVR2 Controllers Revealed, Download Free PSVR Games


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We had our Bonus Stream for the VHS Gaming Tape on Wednesday (after recording the podcast but before the podcast went up) - subscribe to our Twitch channel to watch the VOD! Sony's Save Migration from PS4 to PS5 continues to be special, this time with Marvel's Avengers. (Don't blame Crystal Dynamics on this one, y'all...) Sony has revealed the new controller for the PSVR2 coming next year (at the earliest) for the PS5 - which is very reminiscent of the Oculus Touch controllers (which is a good thing!) A bunch of good PSVR games (as well as good non-PSVR games) are currently free to download for all PS4 and PS5 owners via Sony's Play At Home promotion. Microsoft has reiterated that VR is not a focus for the Xbox ecosystem after a localization error in Italy caused confusion. Then we talk to OLR about the history of gaming podcasts as well as the fun of buying time on an AM radio station to do your own talk show.

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