The Inner and Outer Game of Podcast Guesting - with John Starling


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As a seasoned coaching leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience delivering results for over 400 companies across a variety of sectors, he has been advising, consulting and coaching CEOs, management teams and their companies in growth strategy, and human performance.

John strives to help his clients define their markets, go-to-market strategies and tactics - and obviate factors limiting their achievement. Over the years John has developed a keen understanding of not just growth strategy, marketing and business development, but a deeper understanding of human nature and motivation that helps him give his clients an edge. He also a partner & the Chief Strategy Officer at Clark Leadership and facilitates Business Owner & CEO Mastermind Groups.

One of his true passions is founding and mentoring youth programs in the community, especially for inner city youth.
Questions asked:

  • Abraham Maslow's work around the human "Hierarchy of Needs" is inspiring, but potentially limiting. You created Pietential which is Your Life Balance - Visualized. My question to you is how do you see Maslow's pyramid of needs?
  • On your website, you have a brief video describing how personal growth and asset growth intersect and how you help clients to increase and grow that area of intersection, and why. How do you see the difference between personal growth and asset growth? What is the connection there for you?

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