S04 : Ep. 3 : Life Sciences & Bio Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing with Clare Blain


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Life. Health. Life Science. Biology. Biotechnology. These are words are now more important than ever before. Clare Blain (CEO of Life Sciences Queensland) and I dive into this timely topic, unpacking exactly the right details and discuss how this major health industry now falls within advanced manufacturing in the 21st century. Clare unravels detailed responses to important questions such as - What exactly is 'Life Science' and 'Biotech' and what do these look like in the 21st century? What factors qualify it as a part of advanced manufacturing? What are the key skills / attributes required - especially if someone is planning on entering the industry from school, tertiary? How does STEaM play a role? What technologies are now involved? VR? AR? AI? IoT? What does '21st education' need to do to align with the future life science / bio tech industry. What is the woman’s role in this industry? Tune into this video episode and learn all the details required to succeed within the future of Life Science and Biotechnologies in advanced manufacturing.

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