THE SLY SHOW S17E19 — Chet Hanks, Kids Not Playing Outside, SFGiants Prolly Won’t Be Good in 2021, Old Windows 95, Tinhorn Flats Co-Owner Getting Arrested, Secret Life of Alex Mack, SFGiants and their Vax Passports, Questioning Taste of Food cuz of Covid,


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SFGiants Updates, Bad Giants Takes needing to put more Respect on Sly's Name, Questioning Taste in Food due to Covid-19, Tinhorn Flats in Burbank, Biden Ruling Out Vax Passports ( but not the SFGiants), California Economy opening up June 15, 2021, MLB Not Caring About Black People, Old Windows 95 days, The Secret Life of Alex Mack, Why Kids Don't Play Outside, Children knowing about Politics, Chet Hanks, + more fuckery

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