Setting Boundaries and Reducing Burnout in VetMed with Dr. Danielle Alleman


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How do your boundaries hold up against the daily pressures of veterinary medicine? In this episode, Dr. Danielle Alleman of Empathos Vet shares how her struggles with setting firm boundaries quickly led her down the path toward burnout. Her own self-discovery and personal development has gotten her to a healthier place in veterinary medicine; she is now sharing tools for others to do the same through her online wellness platform, Empathos Vet. You'll hear us chat about how to set boundaries, what is self-compassion and how vet school is a starting place of many of our poor habits in these departments.
About Dr. Alleman
Dr. Danielle Alleman, DVM is a small animal veterinarian, and founder of Empathos Veterinary Wellness. She created Empathos Vet in late 2020 in response to the increased challenges the veterinary profession has been facing, and is passionate about helping veterinary professionals embody wellbeing as a concept, rather than just a buzzword. Empathos Vet is a veterinary wellbeing platform focused on veterinary workplace culture on both an organizational and a personal level. Danielle uses her platform to talk about things like creating and maintaining healthy boundaries, self-compassion and self-care, healthy habits, improving communication between veterinary teams members as well as clients, and other mental health and wellbeing topics, all aimed at improving career satisfaction! She currently has online courses available for veterinary students and veterinarians, holds masterminds for veterinary professionals, and speaks to veterinary groups around the country about how they can shift their mindset and grow into a happier, healthier version of themselves.
Facebook: Empathos Veterinary Wellness
Better Together: Mastermind Group for small animal practitioners, accepting participants now until April 14, 2021!
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