Beating endometriosis symptoms, chronic thrush and losing body fat with Lou Driver


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If you have endometriosis, chronic thrush or metabolic issues give this one a listen!
Lou has been in our WinAtLife program for about 18 months now. She is 45 years old, works full-time, and has two kids and her partner also has two kids.
Lou has suffered for a long time with endometriosis. Prior to joining the program she had 5 surgeries as well as an ablation which of course did not fix her issues. Once she started nourishing her body with pro-metabolic food, eating more and lowering stress so many of her issues improved!
In this podcast episode, we chat about:
➡️Lou’s health history with endometriosis
➡️How she is no longer suffering from endometriosis symptoms
➡️What Lou used to eat prior to pro-metabolic eating (she always thought she was eating so healthy and eating enough)
➡️What she eats now and how many calories she eats daily
➡️How Lou has finally got rid of her chronic thrush
➡️Why the process isn’t linear but how it continues to improve with time+consistency
➡️Lou’s set backs and the hurdles she faced
➡️And more!
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