Ep 23: Passion to Seduce Part 1 Chapter 1, A BDSM MILF Lesbian erotic story, Jennifer and Viv meet


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Ep 23: Passion to Seduce Part 1 Chapter 1, A BDSM MILF Lesbian erotic story. Jennifer is shy, young, overweight, and a virgin. Her MILF neighbor is a sexually advanced older woman with a passion to seduce. In this episode, Ruan reads chapter one of this erotic novella, packed and exquisitely burgeoning with swollen blossoming sexual tension, a unique story of sexuality unfolds as the women give in to their carnal desires. Get a first glimpse here now of Passion to Seduce by BD Hampton.
This steamy erotica delivers an age-gap romance that warms, shines, then screams, and it will satisfy the taboo urges snaking through your lust. Like females getting it on? You will love this!
You can find the full story here in the affiliate link: https://amzn.to/3wQJWW2
To connect with BD Hampton and find his other books, click here: https://linktr.ee/BDHamptonbd
and here: https://www.wclarkpublishing.com/the-quiet-chick-page
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Hey Y'all!
Thanks for listening to this adults only podcast episode! I'm so very very very very very glad you are here! Have a listen to this podcast and give your sexuality a ride! Sexual health is important! Pay attention to yours and whether you have a partner or not, you can still be sexually healthy by providing yourself with personal intimacy and self-care. That's a nice proper way to say masturbate, laugh out loud!!! Romance your own libido, read this, and have fun!
P.S. I will be narrating this book so it will be coming soon to Audible on Amazon.
P.P.S. I enjoy providing you with a fictional reading leading to sexual entertainment. I hope you get off. Really, I do!
Have a sexy day!
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